How to Grow Pea Shoot Microgreens

by Lettuce Be | Last Updated: 07/08/2021

Are you looking for the best way to grow pea microgreens? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Pea microgreens are fun to grow and surprisingly healthy. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to grow your supply of this microgreen variety throughout the entire year.

The term ‘microgreen’ refers to an individual plant’s development from microgreens seeds to its first set of true leaves. It can be achieved within a few weeks. Microgreens are much more nutrient dense than mature plants.

The pea seeds can grow into young pea sprouts if you allow them to grow over time. If you allow them to grow for quite a while, you can naturally grow a slightly taller plant that’s just as nutritious as they already are.

Since pea shoot microgreens can be grown in your home, you can control their environment completely, making them an excellent organic option.

The Health Benefits Of Pea Microgreens

pea microgreensPea plants come in several varieties, the main categories being English peas, snow peas, and sugar snap peas. But there are other subcategories too, such as speckled pea, and black-eyed pea. Growing them at the same time is an option, but you may choose to grow them one by one as well. It’s up to you!

Let’s look at the health benefits of pea microgreens to see if growing them is a good idea.


Pea microgreens are loaded with antioxidants and phytonutrients. They can assist in reducing inflammation as well as supporting your immune system! Aside from concentrations of vitamin C, D, K, and A, you’ll find plenty of nutrients that prevent the decline of an individual’s immune system and other body functions.

Control Blood Sugar Levels

The nutrients in varieties of pea microgreens have been shown to help lower blood sugar levels, making them an excellent addition to any diet, especially if you’re trying to prevent diabetes or are already suffering from the disease.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Your cardiovascular health can improve when you take the antioxidants that boost the immune system and reduce inflammation in your body. Scientists aren’t exactly sure about the connection between the two, but they have established that they can help improve your heart health.

Weight Loss

Pea micro greens are high in fiber. This will help you to feel fuller for longer, reducing snacking. Weight loss can be a real benefit when you do this in conjunction with a calorie-controlled diet.

Pea Microgreens: How to Grow Them

Pea microgreens will grow again after being harvested; do not let them go to waste!

How To Grow Pea Microgreens: Step By Step

Step 1: Soak the seeds.

Place them in cold water for 8-12 hours before rinsing them off. Doing this will encourage germination. You don’t have to germinate them, but it will accelerate the rate at which they germinate. Test it and in case not, throw out the seeds. After you have soaked them overnight, go ahead and plant them in your shallow tray.

Step 2: Planting

To accomplish this, you need to choose a tray with drainage holes that can be inserted underneath a watering tray to maintain the soil moisture levels of the baby greens without soaking the leaves or the seeds.

You must also choose the growing medium. Two inches of your preferred potting mix is fine. Coconut coir can be used too.

Plants should be grown in a loose medium that is not packed down as this hinders them from establishing deep roots. Soak the growing medium before spreading the seeds over the tray. The seeds also prefer a dark environment, so you can sprinkle a little extra growing media over them.

After you place your plants in the ground, you must let them dry for two to three days. During this time, water the soil surface every day. The drainage holes ensure clean water or excess moisture will run off of the tray.

Typically, you’ll see signs of germination in 2-3 days. Then, wait a couple of days until they shoot their first leaves. Once they reach 2 inches high, remove the cover and invite the plants to enjoy the sunlight.

Step 3: Maintenance

You must continue to take good care of your plants and make sure they’re getting hours of light daily. Keep your eyes open for any mold which you will need to treat quickly if it appears. The pea tendrils are ready to harvest between days 8-14. Once you have acquired a taste for them, you can harvest them at your convenience.

You can refine the procedures on your next attempt. Don’t forget it’s a learning curve the first time around.


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When should you harvest pea microgreens?

You can harvest pea microgreens between 8 and 14 days. Watch them every day to make sure they have enough non-chlorinated water. The best way to find out when the tomatoes are ready is to cut a few every day. Once you find the flavor that you like the most is when you pick and eat them!

Are pea shoots considered microgreens?

Planting pea shoots is very similar to growing pea microgreens. The only difference is that the pea shoots are grown for a little longer; the flavor changes a little however still offer the same health benefits.

What’s the best way to eat pea microgreens?

The choice is yours as to how you consume them. Besides adding them to salads, sandwiches, garnishing dishes, stir-fry with sesame oil, or eating them on their own, they can also be added to smoothies.

How to harvest pea microgreens?

Unlike most microgreens, pea greens are quite delicate. You have to cut them off an inch above the potting soil to harvest them. Keep dirt and soil contaminants off the pea microgreens so that you don’t have to wash them unnecessarily.

How do you store pea microgreens?

Storing microgreens is simple but best if the microgreens are dry. For this reason, you should stop watering them at least eight to twelve hours before harvesting. They should last approximately one week in a plastic bag or a container if they are dry.

However, if they weren’t dry before, you’ll have to put them between paper towels first; dab a bit of water until they have been absorbed and you can store them.

How do pea microgreens taste?

They taste like peas! You may feel that they have a slightly more earthy taste, however, they are simply peas in a cress-like form!